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I have spent my Christmas holidays in the USA. After flying to Las Vegas and a night in Excalibur we hit the road
to Moe’s Valley in Utah.

Moe’s is a cozy small bouldering area with boulders arranged in a secluded valley. The rock is sandstone
but more feature-rich than Fontainebleau. We spend 3 days bouldering in Moe’s and had a forced rest day
because it was pouring rain.

The area is not populated with a lot of difficult boulders but I managed to do a couple of nice 7th grade boulders.
On my wish list was Gription which unfortunately was too wet to send.

After Moe’s we went to Red Rocks a bouldering area on the outskirts of Vegas. Bouldering in Red Rocks is also
on sand stone but different from Moe’s. Most of the boulders are crimpy and powerful. Both finger strength and
power are not my strongest points so I struggled on the V6 and V7 boulders.

Boulders that were less crimpy and more my style were fun to do among which Alexisizer and Bubble Butt.
I was very pleased that I managed to do both Monkey Bar right and traverse in the second go. These are powerful
problems on small holds in a big overhang.

No major achievements this trip but quite a number of 7th grade boulders and a good training exercise
to improve my finger strength and overall power.

Check for more pictures from Red Rocks.

Check for more pictures from Moe's Valley.

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